Ramanujam Nandakumar

Ramanujam Nandakumar is the founder of NATEMS Sugars. He is a highly regarded expert in the Indian sugar industry, with more than 30 years of senior management experience working as CEO of three large sugar manufacturing groups in south India. Amongst other successes,
Mr Ramanujam Nandakumar was responsible for turning around Deccan Sugars from being an underperformer to a highly profitable company.

Mr Ramanujam Nandakumar has been a leading advocate of implementing captive power generation projects at sugar factories to maximise returns. He has now done this at three sugar factories, which together have an installed capacity of circa 50MW. Mr Ramanujam Nandakumar has sold the excess power generated by these power plants to third parties under PPAs.

Mr Ramanujam Nandakumar is currently employed as the Technical Director of Ganapathy Sugars in Andhra Pradesh, he is also the current Chairman of the South India Sugar Technology Association.