Armstrong Energy Global Foundation agrees to fund two micro grids in India

Armstrong Energy Global Foundation has agreed to fund the construction and installation of micro-grids for two off-grid communities in India. Each system size is 1.2 kWp, and will meet the basic electricity requirements of approximately 20 households in each village.

The systems will be installed and maintained for the long-term by the SELCO INDIA (“Selco”), one of the world’s leading providers of solar electricity to off-grid communities.

Speaking of the projects, Ram Nandakumar, the Managing Director of Armstrong Energy Global Limited said, ‘These are the first small steps towards meeting our objective of providing electricity to one million people who have limited or no access to electricity.   The projects highlight the gulf between our expectations for reliable electricity in Western Europe, and the reality for many in countries such as India. Even though these micro grids will be life changing for the villagers, they will still only provide 108 kWh of electricity for each household per annum. Our longer term objective, is to try and ensure that homeowners in India have sufficient electricity to meet all their demands.’

Harish Hande, the Chairman of SELCO INDIA, said, ‘We are delighted to be working with Armstrong Energy Global on these two micro-grid projects. We have been working with Armstrong for some months now as they have developed their business in India, and we are very pleased that their efforts are now starting to bear fruit and are supporting our work on the ground to provide electricity to the poorest communities in India.

Details of the projects can be found on our Foundation site