Funded by the Armstrong Energy Global Foundation, a solar mini grid has been successfully installed and connected in the remote rural village of Neelakantarayanagaddi in Karnataka, India as a social project.   The 1.2 kWp system has provided a light and mobile charging to 44 households, who live on an island in the Krishna river.  The installation was carried out by SELCO India, an award-winning social enterprise based in Bangalore.   The community is paying for the ongoing maintenance on the site, using their budget that they previously used on kerosene lamps which are both polluting and bad for health.

Managing Director of Armstrong Energy Global, Dr Ram Nandakumar, said, “We welcome the news that this mini solar grid has now been connected – it is a tribute to the SELCO team who have worked hard in a challenging remote environment to install such a valuable source of reliable electricity for the local community.  It is well recognised that the transition from kerosene lighting to solar energy is a major step forward in helping households enjoy less air pollution and create a much more positive environment to live and work.”

Armstrong Energy Global Foundation’s social projects are funded from a percentage of the revenue from Armstrong Energy Global’s commercial solar activities in India.  The Foundation aims to switch on access to energy for one million people who currently do not have access to reliable energy.