Managing assets for third parties

The directors of Armstrong Energy Global are passionate about using solar power to meet the energy needs of the next generation. And this makes us pragmatic about project structures. We recognise that the long-term hold strategy of Armstrong Energy Global will not be appropriate for all investors, and some investors may be interested in owning assets for a period but will want to dispose of them at some point. Some investors may want yield, whilst other investors may want capital growth through the reinvestment of profits. Some investors may want to maximise returns through the use of leverage, whilst other investors may want to minimise the project risk by funding the project entirely through equity. Some investors may want to own their own projects, whilst others may want the diversification offered through co-owning a portfolio of assets with others. Some investors may want to maximise the social impact, whilst others may wish to maximise the financial return.

It is impossible to accommodate all of these different objectives within a single company. For this reason, in addition to building its portfolio of owned and managed solar assets, Armstrong Energy Global also provides management services to third parties who wish to take advantage of the attractive investment opportunities offered by the Indian solar sector. These management services include:

  • helping foreign investors with the compliance requirements of investing in India;
  • sourcing and developing projects;
  • sourcing and negotiating PPAs for power sales;
  • helping with the refinancing of projects with Indian banks;
  • managing operating solar assets, including billing and cash collection.

If you would like further information on any of these services, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.